Lightfoot, Franklin & White hires between 10 and 15 first- and second-year summer associates each year and, from our pool of second-year students, selects the next year’s associate class.

Why Lightfoot?

We specialize in trying complex, high-stakes cases. Our youngest associates get into the courtroom and our mentoring program helps our associates develop into top notch trial attorneys. more benefits

We take great care not to “over hire” in the summer so that we can offer permanent jobs to all qualified summer associates. In the past five years, we have added two to five new associates per year, and we expect that trend to continue for the foreseeable future.

We believe strongly that young lawyers “learn by doing,” and our partners are personally involved in ensuring that new lawyers get early opportunities to challenge themselves and grow. There are no practice groups at the firm, and new associates are encouraged to work with as many different partners on as many different types of cases as they can. This system allows new lawyers to learn varied approaches to litigation and trial work, which they can then incorporate into their own personal style.

Lightfoot, Franklin & White has an open-door policy, and new lawyers are welcome in any partner’s office at any time. We are all on a first-name basis here. New associates are given experience early, and it is not unusual for a lawyer to try a case or argue a critical motion within his or her first year of practice. Depositions are routinely handled by associates, and a new lawyer can expect to take his or her first testimony within the first few months of practice. We believe that real experience, with adequate guidance, is the best way to develop excellent trial attorneys.

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