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Securities and Shareholder Disputes

Lightfoot's securities litigators represent public and private companies, investment banks, accounting firms, law firms and their respective officers, directors, employees, partners and affiliates, in cases filed in federal and state courts. Our lawyers bring a wealth of courtroom experience to this field. For example, we defended management in a fraud action arising out of a management-leveraged redemption. During the trial, our client made a seven-figure settlement offer, which was rejected by the plaintiffs. After a four-week trial, the jury returned a defense verdict. Other examples of securities and shareholder disputes handled by our lawyers include:

  • Shareholder class actions against companies, their directors and officers, accounting firms and investment bankers.
  • Shareholder derivative actions arising from various corporate transactions.
  • Investor claims against a law firm based on its preparation of a proxy statement.
  • Investor claims against a law firm based on its preparation of UCC materials.
  • Complex, non-class securities fraud and accounting negligence actions brought by investors and creditors against individuals, corporations, accounting firms and attorneys arising out of securities transactions.
  • Merger and acquisition litigation, including contests for corporate control and litigation related to "going private."
  • Securities fraud actions between companies relating to sales of businesses.
  • Complaints by retail customers against broker-dealers and registered representatives.
  • Investor claims and government investigations of a former officer/director of a Fortune 500 company.


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