NCAA Praises U. of South Carolina for Handling of Infractions Case

The NCAA Committee on Infractions released its decision in the University of South Carolina infractions case on April 27, 2012. Lightfoot lawyers William King and Marchello Gray represented South Carolina throughout the investigation. The Committee on Infractions accepted the penalties that South Carolina self-imposed with only a few minor exceptions. The Committee noted that it considered imposing tougher penalties but did not in part because of the exemplary manner in which South Carolina handled the investigation.

Committee on Infractions Chair Britton Banowsky complimented South Carolina, stating, “this has been one of the best cases I have seen from a process standpoint. When information comes to their attention, a university really has a choice to make: it either decides to fully develop an investigation or tries to manage information in a way to protect itself.”

“In this case, it was obvious to the committee that the university wanted to get to the truth,” Banowsky said. “We see that less likely than the other approach, and this report reflects how pleased the committee was with their diligence. They took the interview process and discovery process to a higher level.”

South Carolina Athletics Director Eric Hyman stated, “We are very pleased with the committee’s decision. The Lightfoot team provided excellent advice and guidance throughout the investigation, and we appreciate the firm’s hard work on our behalf.”

To read the NCAA Press Release and Report, click here.

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