Summary Judgment for AT&T Mobility In Tower Accident Case

Lightfoot attorneys obtained summary judgment for AT&T Mobility in a premises liability case pending in the Northern District of Alabama. The plaintiff, an employee of an equipment contractor, was performing work in a concrete shelter at the base of a cell tower in Talladega, Alabama. He sought damages for injuries that he allegedly sustained when a subcontractor working on the 400 foot tower dropped a fifty pound antenna to the ground while the plaintiff was walking from the equipment shelter to his truck. Claiming $10 million in compensatory and punitive damages, the plaintiff asserted negligence and wantonness claims against the tower subcontractor and claims for vicarious liability, premises liability, and negligent/wanton failure to warn against AT&T Mobility. The district court granted AT&T Mobility’s motion for summary judgment, agreeing with AT&T Mobility’s argument that the company owed no duty to the plaintiff. The case is proceeding to trial against the tower subcontractor. Lightfoot attorneys Jere White, Madeline Haikala and Enrique (“Henry”) Gimenez handled the case for AT&T Mobility.

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