Information wins cases. Lightfoot uses advanced, accessible technology to expedite the flow of information during your trial, and to present the facts of your case with clarity and style.


Video Conferencing

Ours actually works. Yours doesn't? Don't worry. We'll set you up.

Document Management

Have you seen the unruly piles of paperwork high stakes cases can produce? We haven't. Unless you call searchable PDFs on a secure network a pile.

Multimedia Trial Support Center

We live in a multimedia world. Our Litigation Technology Services Department offers clients a full range of services in the area of case management, trial graphics and presentation.

Client Extranet

Secure access from the world's best coffee shop (or anywhere with a connection) to your schedules, contacts, discussions and case documents.

Tools that matter to your case

At Lightfoot, Franklin & White, we are committed to using technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our trial practice. With state-of-the-art software and equipment, we continually seek to improve the service we provide to clients by increasing lawyer productivity, linking clients to counsel, and improving practice management. Our main goal is to use our vast array of technological tools to provide the best legal services in a fast, accessible, and economical manner. To this end, the firm's technology platform allows our attorneys to communicate with clients by e-mail, through the firm's in-house video, audio, and web conferencing facilities and through our client extranet, each of which provides a secure, interactive medium to collaborate and manage litigation more efficiently than ever before.

We use the latest trial presentation technology, and are one of the few firms in our region to offer an in-house Litigation Technology Services Department, which enables us to prepare and present our cases more effectively and at less expense. Our in-house Litigation Technology Services Department offers clients a full range of litigation support services in the areas of case management and trial graphics and presentation. By maintaining this department in-house, we are able to provide these valuable services to our clients in a manner that optimizes communication between clients, attorneys, and support personnel and provides a greater realization of the benefits of litigation technology services.

The attorneys at Lightfoot, Franklin & White recognize that technology is a powerful friend in the courtroom, and we continue to make substantial investments in technology to ensure that our litigation tools and information systems are up-to-date and compatible with our clients' needs. Whether clients are in need of trial exhibits, case budgeting, document-management services or an extranet, we provide a full range of services designed to communicate effectively with juries and make case-specific information readily accessible to all members of our litigation team.