Today's juries live in a media-rich environment and, whether they consciously appreciate it or not, they demand that trial themes and key issues be illustrated effectively and memorably.


For more information about our technology platform contact:

Don Stump
Litigation Support Manager
(205) 581-5804

The dedicated professionals in Lightfoot, Franklin & White's Litigation Technology Services Department are experienced in the development and creation of effective trial exhibits and presentations. From PowerPoint presentations, to three-dimensional computer graphics and animations, to digital video editing, to simple charts, graphs, illustrations, and timelines, our trial support professionals work directly with clients, attorneys, and other members of the litigation team to ensure the highest level of accuracy, accessibility, quality, and effectiveness.

Our trial support professionals manage and set up our computer-based courtroom presentation systems, and in most cases are present throughout trials. Their presence allows us to refine presentations and exhibits as cases develop and to produce compelling and persuasive demonstrative aids on the fly – an important advantage in a fast-paced, dynamic trial.