Terry McCarthy Joins Charles Gamble and Robert Goodwin as Co-Author of Leading Alabama Evidence Treatises

For years, the leading treatises on the law of evidence in Alabama have been McElroy’s Alabama Evidence and Gamble’s Alabama Rules of Evidence. LFW is proud to announce that one of its partners, Terry McCarthy, will serve as co-author of future supplements and editions of both treatises. McCarthy joins Charles Gamble, the original chairman and reporter of the Alabama Rules of Evidence advisory committee, and Robert Goodwin, the current reporter of the Alabama Rules of Evidence advisory committee, as co-author. Alabama judges and lawyers rely heavily on these treatises, and they are routinely cited as authority by Alabama trial and appellate courts.

McCarthy has built a reputation as an expert in the field of evidence. In law school, he spent two years as a research assistant to Charles Gamble, assisting with the very treatises for which he now serves as co-author. He writes and speaks on evidentiary issues, regularly assists judges and lawyers with evidentiary problems, serves on the advisory committee for the Alabama Rules of Evidence, and has taught evidence courses at Birmingham School of Law, Cumberland School of Law, and The University of Alabama School of Law.

Update: You may now order the 2013 supplement to Gamble’s Alabama Rules of Evidence, co-authored by Lightfoot partner Terry McCarthy.

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