Mary M. Drake

Mary M. Drake (Molly)









Birmingham, AL

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  • B.A., Washington & Lee University, 2006
  • J.D., Florida State University College of Law, 2012 first in class; summa cum laude


  • Alabama, 2012

Molly finished first in her law school class and clerked for federal judges at the district court and then the Eleventh Circuit before joining Lightfoot. She first clerked for the Honorable Sharon L. Blackburn, then Chief U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of Alabama, and second for the Honorable William H. Pryor Jr. of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and the former Attorney General of Alabama. Those clerkships exposed Molly to a variety of legal issues, taught her the value and importance of quality legal writing, and provided her with a number of experiences that she draws on nearly every day in her practice.

Since joining Lightfoot, Molly has spent the majority of her time on high exposure matters at both the trial court and the appellate court level. She has had a major role in writing several appellate briefs and has also drafted numerous pre- and post-trial motions, along with a variety of other filings in both federal and state court. Her attention to detail and focus on clarity in her writing helps her to craft work product for her clients that is on par with the very best, instead of work product that is just good enough. She is constantly thinking about her clients’ cases and works tirelessly to ensure that the most effective legal arguments and defenses available are made on their behalf. Molly cares about her clients and will never give any less than her very best—because just good enough is never good enough.

Although she enjoys and excels at writing, Molly knows her way around a courtroom too. Unlike many associates in this profession, Molly has never been tethered to a desk. Instead, and in true adherence to the Lightfoot way, Molly has spent many hours in court—whether at trials, dispositive motion hearings, pre-trial evidentiary hearings, or court conferences. Even before law school, Molly was learning how to navigate in a courtroom. She worked at Lightfoot for three years as a paralegal assistant and witnessed first-hand what it really means to be a trial lawyer. She attended and prepared for hearings, arbitrations and trials, where she saw the impact that effective legal arguments and witness examinations can make. During her first year of law school, Molly argued her way onto the Florida State Law moot court team and earned a spot as one of the top four oralists. As one of the Final Four, Molly presented argument before the Supreme Court of Florida—an experience that even the most seasoned of practitioners may never have during their careers.

Molly also brings with her valuable experience in managing large-document cases. As a paralegal, she worked primarily on mass tort matters involving hundreds-of-thousands of documents. As a lawyer, she uses her knowledge of document-management techniques to help clients choose the most cost-effective and efficient path to meet their specific needs and to ensure that any document production is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Molly is a member of the Order of the Coif, the Alabama State Bar, the Alabama Defense Lawyers Association, the Defense Research Institute, the Birmingham Bar Association, and the Federalist Society. During her undergraduate career at Washington & Lee University, Molly was MVP of the Cross Country Team, and she continues to run on a regular basis. In her other spare time, she enjoys barre classes, bouldering, and sport climbing. For those who visit Lightfoot’s Birmingham office, be sure to take a quick peek above Molly’s door frame; you’ll enjoy a  chuckle and gain a new level of respect for Lightfoot’s commitment to its associates.

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