Lightfoot has had substantial success in resolving litigation – both existing and potential – through mediation and other ADR techniques.

Several members of the firm have served as a “neutral” in ADR proceedings. One of our partners is a retired judge whose long service on the bench qualifies him uniquely to serve as a neutral. Gorman Houston served as a justice on the Supreme Court of Alabama for twenty years before joining the firm in 2005. He served as the Chief Justice of the Court for ten months. Justice Houston’s long service on the bench makes him uniquely qualified to act as mediator in a broad array of cases, especially those which are on appeal. Justice Houston has successfully mediated a number of large cases since joining the firm.

Lightfoot Partner Glenn Waldrop also serves as a mediator and arbitrator, with an emphasis on construction. Recently, he has served as a mediator and successfully settled disputes ranging from construction of a new high school, to renovations and additions to a nursing home for the VA, to the construction of an industrial manufacturing plant.