Lightfoot’s attorneys have successfully defended claims in a wide range of trust and probate lawsuits pending in probate, state, and federal courts, both in trial and on appeal. In this area, our attorneys are frequently called upon to represent banks, investment professionals, and corporate and individual trustees. In this area in particular, our engagements often involve families and closely held business, and our attorneys recognize the delicate balance of interests necessary to reach a favorable outcome whether in or out of court.

Examples of our firm’s work in this area include:

  • Representation of the executor and heirs of an estate wherein “Spouse #2” stood to benefit from a transfer on death (TOD) form signed by the decedent after he had been diagnosed with dementia.  Our clients would have received the full proceeds of various accounts absent the TOD.  We successfully obtained a temporary restraining order freezing the subject accounts and then reached a prompt settlement protecting our clients’ rights.
  • Representation of trustees and other fiduciaries in claims concerning the administration and management of trust assets
  • Representation of executors in claims involving the interpretation of wills and estate plans
  • Representation of fiduciaries in claims involving accountings and allegedly disproportionate or inappropriate trust distributions