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Clients and Friends:

We are living in a time of uncertainty, change and, hopefully, progress.

As the country continues to manage unprecedented circumstances that impact every stakeholder in the litigation, investigation and compliance arena, Lightfoot is determined to support our clients through the unpredictable challenges we face in 2020. 

While anxiety levels are high, we are a firm of trial lawyers. We deal with anxious uncertainty every day, and we strive to be that steady hand in the proverbial storms of life. It’s what we do — and now is no different.

Lightfoot’s structure as a litigation boutique gives us the nimbleness to be “open for business” no matter what. Over the last few months, we maintained our operations and client connections without disruption while working remotely. We now have returned to our office spaces, with our continued commitment to provide the high caliber of service you expect while maintaining a healthy and safe workplace for our attorneys, staff and clients.  We will uphold that high standard as we navigate the ongoing repercussions of the pandemic and embark on this “new normal” together.

We are grateful to have the resources and tools to advise and lead in the face of adversity, whether the challenges we face are traditional or the first of their kind. We call this Solution Savvy. Anytime, Anywhere.

On behalf of everyone at Lightfoot, we extend our best wishes and support to you, our clients, partners and friends. Thank you for your continued trust in our firm.

Melody Eagan


Managing Partner
Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC


Policy for Visitors During COVID-19

We welcome you to our office. We have established precautionary measures to help maintain the health and safety of Lightfoot guests and employees. 

While Lightfoot encourages the use of telephone, video or audio conference for meetings, we recognize that business-critical visitors, such as clients, counsel, approved vendors and deponents, may benefit from an in-person meeting. 

To read the full policy, click here.


COVID-19 Articles and Interviews


COVID-19 Task Force

Businesses are weighing how best to address the upheaval created by these uncertain times. We are available to discuss and address these changes, the effect on business generally and — more specifically — how best to deal with the contractual and other relationships that are integral to ongoing viability. 


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