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Dear Clients and Friends:

Lightfoot is here to bring predictability to a currently unpredictable world. The country is facing the challenge of fighting the COVID-19 virus. The sudden uncertainty of this environment makes many people anxious. At the same time, Lightfoot is a firm of trial lawyers. Trial lawyers deal with anxious uncertainty every day. We are that steady hand in the proverbial life storms. It’s what we do. 

Lightfoot prepared over the past year to have the capabilities to be “open for business,” no matter what. That preparation is paying off now.  While the Lightfoot teams are all working remotely as part of the national and local efforts to control the pandemic, we will continue to be there for our clients. We have the resources and tools to advise and lead in the face of adversity, whether the challenges we face are traditional or the first of their kind. We call this Solution Savvy. Anytime. Anywhere.

Melody Eagan


Managing Partner
Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC


COVID-19 Task Force

Businesses are weighing how best to address the upheaval created by these uncertain times. We are available to discuss and address these changes, the effect on business generally and — more specifically — how best to deal with the contractual and other relationships that are integral to ongoing viability. 


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