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Litigation support and case management
with a singular purpose: results

When stakes are high,
   misunderstanding hurts.

We clarify your message to the people who matter most.
Lightfoot lawyers on the value of our Case Clarity Group.


Litigation Support

Clarify the facts of your client's case when it matters. Lightfoot's Case Clarity Group helps lawyers communicate effectively during any phase of litigation; including depositions, hearings, mediations, arbitrations or trials. We make complex ideas simple. With a combined 20+ years of trial experience involving hundreds of cases, we're comfortable in complex, fast-paced trials. We create clear presentations of evidence and facts using tools such as:

  • Multimedia demonstratives
  • Interactive presentations
  • Evidence and factual analysis
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Concepting and design of infographics
  • Videography and video editing

Case Management

Information wins cases. And Lightfoot's Case Clarity Group specializes in getting information to the right people when it matters. Our secure case management platform, The Lightfoot Cloud, helps legal teams stay efficient when thousands of documents are in play. Our case management services include:

  • Secure document collaboration and communications platform
  • Document review and production services
  • E-Discovery and metadata analysis
  • Photographic and videographic forensics
  • Custom application development for desktop and mobile
  • Custom case budgeting platform


Don Stump Image

Don Stump is a yes man. Don’s unique combination of vision, analysis, and his diverse skillset allow him to lead clients through nearly any trial communications challenge. As a technologist, designer, communicator, and a trained lawyer, Don understands how to uncover the critical facts from a case of complexities, and translate those facts into simple, compelling ideas.

Call Don at (205) 581-5804 or email

Sam McAllister Image

Sam McAllister brings our clients a specific blend of art and science tailored for trial work. Sam also oversees our case management platform, The Lightfoot Cloud. Ask any lawyer who knows him—Sam does what it takes to help you win cases and with lightning speed. Sam is known for bringing calm to the most intense of trials.

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"When a concept has to be developed
that is both true to the evidence, and straightforward enough for both judge and jury to understand, somebody like Sam McAllister is invaluable."

Jack Sharman
Lightfoot Partner

"It's really an asset to a lawyer to
have somebody who can think the way a lawyer thinks, or better. Don's a lawyer, and he gets what we are trying to portray because he has that background."

Lana Olson
Lightfoot Partner

"They have an enormous amount of experience at developing messages, modifying those messages based on how the case is trying, modifying those messages based on the people in the jury box, and being nimble to make changes during the course of the trial."

Mike Bell
Lightfoot Partner