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Accountable, responsive and seamless e-discovery and case management

Lightfoot’s e-discovery and case management services support our clients during complex litigation matters. From managing documents and parsing electronically stored information to maintaining privilege, we ensure matters proceed smoothly and efficiently from the start. 

Handling e-discovery in-house at Lightfoot results in a more efficient, cost-effective process for our clients. The firm’s e-discovery project manager Jessica Wehby has spent years working closely with the firm’s trial lawyers, their clients and opposing parties to collect and review all electronic information, while following court-mandated protocols. She has also worked with all of the leading e-discovery vendors and can integrate with their processes as well. Most important, however, is the fact that managing e-discovery internally at Lightfoot means there are no missed steps and our trial lawyers are always aware of every aspect of the process. 

Our firm collaborated as co-counsel with Lightfoot on a highly complex case that required managing over a million pages of document production. Lightfoot led the e-discovery process, which was vital to the case's success. The platforms they provided were indispensable, enabling us to review documents efficiently and effectively, and to categorize them according to the various topics involved in the litigation.— Lightfoot Client

We offer a dedicated in-house litigation support team that is involved in cases from the very beginning. Unlike a third-party vendor, our e-discovery group is not removed from the matter’s developments. They work from the inside and are clear on the client’s goals and our strategies from the outset. Because of this, the group can adapt on the fly as circumstances change — a common occurrence in the fast-paced world of litigation.

In addition to offering robust e-discovery support, our group provides an array of case management services. The firm’s secure platform, The Lightfoot Cloud, helps our trial teams stay efficient when thousands of documents are in play. A few examples of scenarios where we can support with e-discovery include: 

  • Producing data in response to a subpoena or document requisition
  • Collecting data for an internal investigation 
  • Streamlining the review and categorization of electronic evidence for complex legal disputes
  • Assisting in the identification and preservation of digital communications for compliance audits and legal challenges
  • And much more
They obtain a deep understanding of the issues at hand to effectively organize and use their talented bench of lawyers and other resources to conduct efficient discovery in complex cases.— Lightfoot Client
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