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We are proud to be recognized in leading legal rankings and to receive other prestigious awards. Particularly noteworthy is being named as a "Top 20 Trial Law Firm for 2021" by Benchmark Litigation, for the third consecutive year. This honor, awarded following meticulous research and input from both clients and our peers within the legal community, places us in good company among some of the nation’s most admired litigators from practices with long legacies of excellence.

Some of the other notable accolades our firm has recently received are highlighted below.   

Benchmark Litigation Top 20
Chambers USA 2022; Lightfoot, Franklin & White, LLC
Vault Top Ranked 2021
Benchmark Litigation
Best Lawyers Law Firms 2021
Best Lawyers 2021
BTI Litigation Honor Roll
Veterans of Influence
Trailblazers Elite Boutique Melody Eagan
Super Lawyers
2022 Winner
Trailblazers Elite Boutique Samual H. Franklin
SOC II Audit

Super Lawyers Recognition

Mike Bell (Super Lawyer from 2008-2020), Brian Boyle (Rising Star from 2008-09, 2012-2018), Chandler Bailey (Rising Star 2011-12, Super Lawyer from 2013-20), William Brooks (Super Lawyer from 2017-18), Reid Carpenter (Rising Star from 2015-20), Haley Cox (Rising Star from 2014-20), Kevin Clark (Rising Star in 2010 & 2012, Super Lawyer from 2013-17), Jeff Doss (Rising Star from 2015-19), McKinley Dunn (Rising Star in 2020), Melody Eagan (Super Lawyer from 2011-20), Brandon Essig (Super Lawyer in 2020), Kaitlyn Faucett (Rising Star from 2018-21), Sara Ford (Super Lawyer from 2011-20), Sam Franklin (Super Lawyer from 2008-20), James Gibson (Rising Star from 2015-20), Wes Gilchrist (Rising Star from 2011-16, Super Lawyer from 2017-20), Henry Gimenez (Rising Star from 2012-13, Super Lawyer from 2014-20), Bradford Hendrickson (Rising Star from 2017-21), Lee Hollis (Super Lawyer from 2010-20), Sandy Hooper (Rising Star in 2014, Super Lawyer from 2015-2020), Liz Huntley (Super Lawyer from 2017-19), John Johnson (Super Lawyer from 2008-20), Brian Kappel (Rising Star from 2014-20), Chris King (Super Lawyer from 2008-2020), Rachel Lary (Rising Star from 2014-20), Jared Levinthal (Rising Star from 2005-12, Super Lawyer from 2013-20), Jonathan Little (Rising Star from 2016-2020), Terry McCarthy (Super Lawyer from 2012-20), Lana Olson (Rising Star from 2011-13, Super Lawyer from 2014-20), Adam Peck (Super Lawyer from 2008-20), Harlan Prater (Super Lawyer from 2008-20), David Pruet (Rising Star from 2011-13, Super Lawyer from 2015-20), Banks Sewell (Super Lawyer from 2012-20), Robert Sewell (Rising Star from 2019-2020), Jack Sharman (Super Lawyer from 2017-20), Clint Speegle (Rising Star from 2017-20), John Thompson (Rising Star in 2010 and 2012), Amie Vague (Rising Star from 2017-20), Glenn Waldrop (Super Lawyer from 2008-20), Robert Wilkins (Rising Star from 2009-13, Super Lawyer from 2014-20), Ben Willson (Rising Star from 2019-20), Chris Yearout (Rising Star from 2014-20)

Best Lawyers Recognition

Chandler Bailey (Listed from 2018-21), Mike Bell (Listed from 2006-21), William Brooks (Listed from 2010-21), Kevin Clark (Listed from 2018-21), Jeff Doss (Listed in 2021), Melody Eagan (Listed from 2010-21), Brandon Essig (Listed from 2020-21), Sara Ford (Listed from 2012-21), Sam Franklin (Listed from 1987-2021), Wes Gilchrist (Listed in 2021), Henry Gimenez (Listed in 2021), Lee Hollis (Listed from 2013-21), Sandy Hooper (Listed from 2019-21), Johnny Johnson (Listed from 2006-21), Chris King (Listed from 2003-21), Rachel Lary (Listed from 2018-21), Terry McCarthy (Listed from 2020-21), William Morrow (Listed from 2016-21), Lana Olson (Listed from 2011-21), Ashby Pate (Listed in 2021), Adam Peck (Listed from 2007-21), Brad Powell (Listed from 2016-21), Harlan Prater (Listed from 2007-21), David Pruet (Listed in 2021), Larkin Radney (Listed in 2021), Banks Sewell (Listed from 2009-21), Robert Sewell (Listed from 2020-21), Jack Sharman (Listed from 2016-21), JT Thompson (Listed from 2019-21), Glenn Waldrop (Listed from 2007-21)

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