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Client service the Lightfoot Way

There is a philosophy we follow for every client matter entrusted to our firm. To us, it’s second nature—we call it the Lightfoot Way. It’s a method for handling cases developed over decades of working alongside our clients to solve whatever challenges they face.

Our approach combines sharp legal minds and experience, clearly defined processes and tailor-made in-house legal technology solutions. The result is responsive, transparent matter management that allows us to not only meet client needs but also become true partners in their business, whatever the industry or operating environment.

At every point in a case, from initial inquiries to the ultimate result, we are committed to efficiency, transparency and accountability. This is done through tools such as detailed intake and post-matter client discussion guides, as well as comprehensive case overviews at a client's fingertips. We conduct regular client feedback interviews and welcome opportunities for input, both formal and informal.

Our lawyers make it their job to become thoroughly informed regarding a client’s business, day-to-day challenges and potential vulnerabilities to risk. As part of their routine work, for example, it’s very common for our lawyers to advise on ways to mitigate liability before litigation is even a potential problem. The Lightfoot Way is to look beyond the matter at hand and consider everything that could potentially threaten a client’s business, both now and in the future.

What Our Clients Have to Say About the Lightfoot Way

They are just one of the most sophisticated litigation groups I have worked with. Every time I deal with them, I am reminded how high quality they are. They are bright, easy to work with, and thinking of the client all the time. They are able to think of us as a whole and how a case might impact us generally.— Lightfoot Client via Chambers Insight Report 2021
I would generally say they are the full package — great trial attorneys, excellent writing, great communication. They are a top tier choice and very good strategically. They are communicative, practical and responsive. — Lightfoot Client via Chambers Insight Report 2021
We are impressed with the Lightfoot team. In particular, we feel they offer good value for money and understand our complex issues and our goals. We have some experience with similarly situated firms in this market, and we feel that Lightfoot in particular is more nimble, attentive and better value.— Lightfoot Client via Chambers Insight Report 2021
It is a great team. They do a good job of keeping each other informed; they have good communication. If one lawyer knows something, they all know it. They pay attention to everything.— Lightfoot Client via Chambers Insight Report 2021
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