Since the advent of antitrust and consumer-protection laws early in the last century, there has been a tension between the necessity of innovative combinations for the future of the American economy and preserving the antitrust law’s goal of preventing harm to the competitive market. This tension has resulted in a changing, complex maze of state and federal regulations in which many businesses find themselves lost. The lawyers at Lightfoot have experience handling civil cases involving such issues as monopolization, unfair trade practices, price-fixing and other violations of both federal and state antitrust and consumer-protection laws. Examples of our experience in this area include:

  • Defense of two major oil companies in an antitrust case alleging conspiracy to suppress payments to royalty and working interest owners concerning the sale of crude oil.
  • Representation of a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in an antitrust case concerning the sale of brand-name prescription drugs.
  • Prosecution of an antitrust class action on behalf of a class of businesses against a major software manufacturer.
  • Defense of leading manufacturers of vitamins, amino-acid additives for animal feed and high-fructose corn syrup against price-fixing and market allocation allegations.
  • Defense of major workers’ compensation insurers against conspiracy allegations related to the manner in which premiums were computed.
  • Prosecution of a class action against a video-game manufacturer which was alleged to have engaged in anti-competitive practices in acquiring and using monopoly power to raise prices.