Whether at a site inspection, working with experts, or in the courtroom, Lightfoot lawyers know what it takes to investigate, develop, and try fire and explosion cases. Success is in the details: tracking down hard-to-find witnesses, careful examination of the evidence, not accepting things at face value. We are innovative and creative, working with experts to develop our side of the story and present it in a clear, concise, and compelling way. Lightfoot lawyers know the science and are well-equipped to pick apart an opposing expert’s theory and establish the groundwork for potential exclusion. Every step of the way, we keep our client’s goals in mind, whether early resolution or taking the case through trial.

Lightfoot lawyers regularly represent clients in both claims and lawsuits involving catastrophic injuries, deaths, and costly property damage across the country. Some examples of our work in this arena include:

  • Lightfoot lawyers successfully obtained a defense verdict for a valve manufacturer in a propane gas explosion case in South Carolina, in which two propane workers suffered serious life-altering burns and claimed out-of-pocket damages in excess of $3.5 million.
  • Lightfoot lawyers defended a multiple fatality case where plaintiffs alleged that a house fire resulted from a water heater installation. At trial, compelling demonstrative exhibits were used illustrating fire patterns that were inconsistent with the claimed origin of the fire. Following opening statement where the demonstrative exhibits were revealed, the case settled for an amount previously offered by the defendant weeks before trial.
  • Lightfoot lawyers obtained a defense verdict in a fire case filed by a church in Tennessee, where the plaintiff contended that a baptistry immersion heater manufactured by our client caused a fire and approximately $500,000 in resulting property damage.
  • Lightfoot lawyers defended a multiple fatality house fire case for a major gas utility, where plaintiffs alleged that a regulator malfunctioned. Lightfoot’s team reconstructed the house fire scenario in a laboratory environment and was able, at trial, to demonstrate that the plaintiffs’ theory contradicted scientific and common sense principles and, instead, that the fire was the result of combustibles left next to a space heater. Following opening statement, the case settled for an amount significantly less than plaintiffs’ prior demands.
  • Lightfoot attorneys defended a high-stakes case in Texas involving a fatal house fire. The decedent’s children filed suit in one of the state’s most dangerous venues and alleged that a defective appliance caused the fire. Lightfoot’s lawyers vigorously defended the case, and through detailed scene inspections, were able to identify evidence indicating that the product at-issue was not in operation when the fire started. Using scene photographs and expert affidavits, Lightfoot’s lawyers successfully convinced the plaintiffs to voluntarily dismiss the product manufacturer from the suit and instead focus on an alternative ignition source that plaintiffs had not previously identified.

Whether a massive gas explosion or a house fire, a multi-million dollar property loss or a traumatic burn injury, Lightfoot lawyers are ready and have the experience to dig in and tackle the most challenging of cases, big or small.