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Alabama Supreme Court Reverses $12.6 Million Judgment Against South Alabama Brick Co.

March 31, 2016

On Friday, March 18, 2016, the Alabama Supreme Court reversed a $12.6 million judgment entered against South Alabama Brick Co. and remanded the case to the Circuit Court of Mobile County for entry of a judgment in favor of the defendant. Lightfoot attorneys William Brooks and Ivan Cooper represented South Alabama Brick Company in the appeal.

In 2010, a worker fell through a skylight while working on the roof of a South Alabama Brick Co. warehouse in Mobile, Alabama, and suffered catastrophic injuries in the 20 foot fall to the floor below. Following a bench trial, the Mobile County Circuit Court entered a judgment for $12.6 million in compensatory damages against South Alabama Brick Co. on premises liability claims.

On appeal, the Alabama Supreme Court held in a 5-0 opinion found that, as the premises owner, South Alabama Brick Co. did not have a legal duty to warn workers of the danger of being on the roof near the skylights.

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