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Bloomberg Law Highlights Lightfoot’s Representation of Apple, Other BigTech Companies

March 28, 2022

Bloomberg Law recently highlighted Lightfoot’s 14-year relationship with Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) in a series of articles covering the go-to law firms leading BigTech companies rely on. The publication wrote about how Apple has brought in Lightfoot for major cases and noted the company is looking outside of traditional BigLaw firms for litigation. 

In its coverage, Bloomberg Law referenced data showing the firm filed an appearance in one out of every 10 of Apple’s federal docket filings in 2021, which outpaced several BigLaw firms. The Bloomberg Law data team also ranked the firm seventh in its 2021 list of BigTech’s most-used law firms. Lightfoot was one of only three regional firms ranked within the list’s top 10.

The firm’s work with Apple dates back to 2008 when co-founder Warren Lightfoot and current partner Sara Anne Ford represented the company in a high-profile matter. Since then, a Lightfoot team led by Ford has continued to vigorously defend Apple’s interests in class actions and product liability lawsuits. 

Bloomberg Law references Lightfoot’s deep trial experience, particularly before the Eleventh Circuit, where class action litigation precedent is often established, as a significant draw. 

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