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Jack Sharman Discusses 2020 Election Recounts and Legal Implications in Interview

November 8, 2020

Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC partner Jackson R. Sharman III appeared as a guest on’s “Lunch Break Live with Ivana” to discuss the ongoing legal battles surrounding the 2020 presidential election. Friday’s interview was streamed via Facebook Live to the publication’s 900,000+ followers.

Sharman spoke about the road ahead after election day, including the prospects for litigation and whether the Supreme Court will play a role in the coming weeks. In addition to his legal experience before federal courts, Sharman was also one of the lawyers sent to Florida in 2000 to act as an observer and participant in the Bush/Gore election recount.

Sharman has practiced law for nearly 30 years and leads Lightfoot’s White-Collar Criminal Defense and Corporate Investigations practice. He defends businesses and individuals in civil and criminal white-collar cases, provides guidance during corporate internal investigations and advises clients on how to stay in compliance with the law. He served as special counsel to the House Financial Services Committee for the Whitewater investigation involving President Bill Clinton, and he was special counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the Alabama House of Representatives for the impeachment investigation of Gov. Robert Bentley.

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