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Jack Sharman Discusses Government Crackdown on ‘Pill Mills’ in Interview with HealthLeaders Media

June 5, 2017

Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC partner  Jack Sharman was interviewed by HealthLeaders Media about the recent government crackdown on so-called “pill mills” and the over-prescription of painkillers. The Q&A article, “What the Crackdown on Painkiller Prescribing Means for HR,” outlines what healthcare providers need to know to protect themselves and their patients.

“A prosecutor, investigator or regulator can view you any way they wish, and it has nothing to do with your credentials or how many people you've helped," said Sharman. “Doctors and pharmacists are asking themselves, ‘If I write this prescription, three years from now, will I see it blown up on monitor in a courtroom?’”

Sharman recently concluded a seven-week federal “pill mill” trial related to the Drug Enforcement Agency’s “Operation Pillution” crackdown. He also served as special counsel to the Alabama House Judiciary Committee in the impeachment investigation of former Alabama governor Robert Bentley.

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