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Jack Sharman Quoted by Business Insider about SCOTUS Ruling on Trump’s Tax Records

July 9, 2020

Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC partner Jack Sharman was recently quoted in a Business Insider article about two U.S. Supreme Court rulings on July 9, 2020, about access to President Donald Trump’s tax records. 

In the first ruling, the Supreme Court found that New York prosecutors can see President Trump’s tax returns. The second opinion said Congress has the authority to subpoena Trump’s financial records but must meet a higher standard of review given the case involves a sitting president. 

"Although it remains to be seen whether the House will prevail ultimately, the Court's standards will be challenging for the committees to comply with," Sharman told the publication. "As a practical matter, there may not be a production before the election."

Sharman has practiced law for nearly 30 years and leads Lightfoot’s White-Collar Criminal Defense and Corporate Investigations practice. He defends businesses and individuals in civil and criminal white-collar cases, provides guidance during corporate internal investigations and advises clients on how to stay in compliance with the law.

He served as special counsel to the House Financial Services Committee for the Whitewater investigation involving President Bill Clinton, and he was special counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the Alabama House of Representatives for the impeachment investigation of Gov. Robert Bentley.

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