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James Gibson and Logan Matthews Publish Articles in DRI’s ‘For the Defense’ Magazine

April 8, 2019

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The March 2019 issue of DRI’s For the Defense™ magazine features two articles by Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC lawyers. 

Partner James Gibson and associate Logan Matthews co-authored a piece titled “Avoiding Protective Disorder: Keys Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Keeping Client Documents Confidential.” The article explores how defense lawyers can effectively use protective orders.

“Protective orders can offer great security for a client who is wary of business secrets or other confidential information leaking into the public because of a seemingly frivolous lawsuit accompanied by burdensome discovery requests,” write the authors. “However...a well-intended protective order might provide little more than an imaginary shield if the drafting attorney omits certain key provisions (or adds other fatal ones).”

Gibson also authored a second article in the publication’s March 2019 issue, titled “Getting Good ‘Mileage’ from Your Pro Bono Cases: Get Picky About Pro Bono Cases and Get Better at Advocacy.”

In that article, Gibson offers advice on how lawyers can efficiently volunteer their time in pro bono cases, based on his experience working with Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham. He argues that vetting relevant pro bono work not only benefits the client, but it can also offer valuable litigation experience for the lawyer, even if it doesn’t involve a trial.

“You want good practice for appearing before a hostile judge or negotiating with belligerent opposing counsel? Take a run at trying to convince a used car dealer with a huge ‘All Sales Final’ sign over his desk that your client deserves to get back every penny she paid for her lemon,” writes Gibson. “That interaction taught me as much about client advocacy as any interaction I’ve had with someone wearing a black robe.”

Gibson focuses his practice on product liability, medical malpractice, and consumer fraud, but he deftly handles cases across the spectrum. A dogged trial lawyer, he has tried cases involving profound personal injuries, tragic wrongful deaths, and alleged consumer fraud involving millions of dollars in claimed damages.

Matthews brings his experiences to bear in the courtroom in cases ranging from product liability and employment litigation, to government corruption. While generally serving clients across a broad range of matters, he enjoys getting to know each of his clients and developing strategies that serve their long-term needs.

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