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James Gibson Featured in Birmingham Business Journal Q&A on Role of AI in the Legal Industry

June 13, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming every industry, and legal is no exception. At Lightfoot, we are committed to technological innovation and its potential benefits for our clients. 

Partner James W. Gibson, who chairs the firm’s Innovation Committee, is one of our forward-thinking lawyers taking the lead on this important issue. He recently provided his thoughts on the business of AI in a Birmingham Business Journal Q&A, where he shared his perspective on the interplay of AI and legal

In the Q&A, “Insights into the business of AI,” Gibson discusses AI's challenges, how it will shape the future of law and ethical considerations law firms should keep in mind when working with AI. 

“No AI is flawless, and sometimes the output we see is remarkably flawed,” Gibson told the BBJ. “The solution to this problem is remembering that successful AI usage requires a marriage of the technology with the incredible human talent we have at our firm, along with the diligence to use that human talent.”

Gibson also discussed how Lightfoot’s Innovation Committee is leading the way in exploring new technology. The group, which includes senior and junior lawyers, paralegals, finance staff and other firm employees, tests new legal technology products, including those leveraging AI, to assess their potential application in the firm’s day-to-day operations. Each tool receives close analysis and scrutiny in order to weigh the benefits for efficiency, quality, accuracy and other metrics. 

A dedicated trial lawyer, Gibson has a diverse practice and significant courtroom experience. He develops complex cases, takes them to the courthouse, and works in a cost-efficient and results-oriented manner. Gibson has tried or arbitrated one or more cases every year since 2014 – which sets him apart from his contemporaries in the era of the "vanishing trial." His practice focuses on product liability, medical malpractice and consumer fraud defense. Gibson has also handled business disputes, toxic torts cases, legal malpractice cases, construction defect claims and class actions. 

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