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JT Thompson Quoted in Birmingham Business Journal Article on Rising Verdicts

August 28, 2023

Lightfoot partner JT Thompson was featured in a Birmingham Business Journal article, where he discussed evolving tactics amid rising courtroom verdicts. 

In the article, Thompson notes a surge in the value of jury verdicts on both nationwide and state levels. Thompson observes that verdicts have grown significantly larger over the past three to five years compared to previous periods. 

Addressing possible strategic shifts, he added, “We have started to shift our thinking to where in some cases it might make sense for us to also discuss damages with the jury, and give them other options to consider than what the plaintiff has proposed, rather than just ignoring the topic altogether.”

JT Thompson plays a pivotal role in Lightfoot’s medical malpractice, product liability and media law cases. He recently achieved a complete dismissal of a defamation case against Wolff Broadcasting Company.

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