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Law360 Names Partner Henry Gimenez to 2022 Sports & Betting Editorial Advisory Board

April 28, 2022

The legal publication Law360 has invited Lightfoot Franklin & White LLC partner Henry Gimenez to serve a second consecutive term on its Sports & Betting Editorial Advisory Board. 

Law360’s Sports & Betting Editorial Advisory Board is one of many practice-specific boards that help shape Law360’s content and direction. Each editorial advisory board consists of leading attorneys practicing in that area of law who offer input into coverage matters, noteworthy trends and newsletter organization issues.

Gimenez leads Lightfoot's NCAA Compliance & Investigations practice, and has been practicing collegiate sports law for 20 years. He has represented athletic programs and directors, coaches and student athletes, including national championship contenders and Heisman Trophy winners from all corners of the NCAA membership. Gimenez handles traditional NCAA compliance issues and investigations while also helping colleges and universities with investigations relating to Title IX and student welfare issues, athletics-related employment disputes, negotiating and drafting coaching contracts, and more.

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