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Lightfoot Appoints CFO Warren Nash as Executive Director to Enhance Firm’s Business Strategies

March 11, 2024

Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC proudly announces a strategic reorganization of the firm’s management structure that elevates current Chief Financial Officer Warren Nash to Executive Director, effective March 1. With this newly created position, Nash will play a critical role in managing Lightfoot’s overall business strategies, while continuing to serve as CFO. This move well positions Lightfoot for its next phase of business growth, enabling the firm to strengthen its internal and administrative infrastructure.  

“As Lightfoot has grown, evolving beyond our smaller beginnings to a more substantial presence serving clients regionally and nationally, the creation of an Executive Director role became a clear next step for us,” said managing partner Melody Eagan. “Warren’s strategic and financial acumen, combined with his extensive experience, make him the ideal candidate to guide our firm into a successful and innovative future.” 

Lightfoot’s decision is consistent with a broader industry trend, particularly among larger firms that have seen the benefits of freeing up attorneys from administrative burdens. These firms have turned to hiring non-lawyers for C-suite roles, such as an executive director or CEO. This approach enables managing partners like Eagan to concentrate on client service and overseeing the firm’s broader strategic direction, while entrusting business and operational leadership to seasoned executives like Nash. 

“I am deeply honored by this opportunity to expand my contribution to Lightfoot’s success,” said Nash. “This role is about more than overseeing daily operations; it’s about securing our firm’s future—supporting our staff and lawyers and ensuring they have a solid foundation to deliver the highest level of service to our clients.”

Nash attended the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and earned his bachelor’s degree in banking and finance from Mississippi State University. He holds an MBA with a concentration in macroeconomics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Master’s degree in theological studies from Emory University. He is also a graduate of the American Bankers Association’s Stonier Graduate School of Banking.

“Warren has proven himself to be a valuable strategic resource over the past six years, not only with the firm’s finance and accounting but also in guiding us to make judicious and strategic decisions as a firm,” Eagan said. “His fit for this position is undeniable, and I am excited to see the impact he will make in this new, important role at Lightfoot.” 

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