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Lightfoot Attorneys Conclude Huntsville Police Review, Release Report on Response to Protests

April 22, 2021

Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC attorneys Liz Huntley and Jack Sharman have concluded their independent review on behalf of the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council (HPCAC) of the law enforcement response to protests in Huntsville last summer. They will present their 248-page report detailing their findings and recommendations to the Huntsville City Council and the public today.

The full report and other details of the months-long review will be published at at 10:30 p.m. CT on April 22.

Huntley and Sharman were retained as independent counsel by the HPCAC to conduct a full review of the protests that occurred in June 2020, particularly the interactions between demonstrators and the Huntsville Police Department.

The protests on June 1 and June 3 occurred at the same time protests were taking place across the country in the wake of George Floyd's death while in the custody of Minneapolis police. The protests in downtown Huntsville ended with law enforcement releasing tear gas and rubber projectiles to disperse the crowd.

"In this challenging time for our country, we were honored to conduct this in-depth review that we hope will reform flaws in law enforcement, build on its strengths and bring the Huntsville community together," said Huntley, who led the review and is presenting the findings to the City Council today.

Although Huntley and Sharman were officially the independent counsel to the HPCAC, the review was a team effort by Lightfoot lawyers who brought unique skills, diversified experiences and different styles to bear. The team included Lightfoot partner Brandon Essig, along with associates Jay Sewell, Amaobi Enyinnia and Richard Rosario.

Huntley will be available for interviews after the formal presentation. 

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