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Lightfoot Partner Jack Sharman Speaks at American Bar Association’s White Collar Crime Institute

September 9, 2021

Earlier this week, Lightfoot’s Jack Sharman spoke at the American Bar Association’s 7th Annual Southeastern White Collar Crime Institute. Each year, the conference hosts noted speakers from across the legal sector to discuss the latest developments in White Collar Crime. 

Sharman was a featured speaker on the conference’s first panel, “White Collar Enforcement: What Practitioners Should Look for in 2021 And Beyond.” Sharman, along with fellow panelists Jamila M. Hall, Paul B. Murphy, and AUSA Jennifer Solari, discussed the Department of Justice’s recent initiatives in prosecutions under the new administration. The panel concluded with speakers exploring the impact the evolving department of justice will have on White Collar cases moving forward. 

Sharman is the primary authority and chair of Lightfoot’s White Collar practice group. In Sharman’s decades of experience, he has served as special counsel for numerous investigations of government officials including the Huntsville law enforcement, President Clinton, Governor Robert Bentley, and was recently appointed Special Counsel in the inquiry of former President Donald Trump for certain activities during the 2020 election.

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