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Liz Huntley to Appear on NPR’s Another View

February 16, 2022

Lightfoot Senior Counsel Liz Huntley is scheduled to appear of NPR’s Radio Show, Another View on Thursday, February 16th. 

Another View is a weekly call-in radio show which hosts prominent African American figures to discuss everyday topics from their diverse perspective. Huntley will be the final guest in Another View’s recent series, “Beneath the Surface: Closing the Education Gap.” Her conversation with host Barbara Hamm will focus on the achievement gap between Black and White students, the role of parents in a child’s success and the power behind early childhood education. 

No stranger to the topic, Huntley has dedicated her career to education advocacy. Namely, through her personal foundation, The Hope Institute, of which Huntley has been president since its founding in 2016. The Hope Institute works to provide opportunities to students across Alabama schools through mentorship, professional growth programs for educators and strategic character development. Liz has been regularly recognized for her community outreach, most recently by The Women’s Fund of Greater BirminghamStillman College and Samford University’s Orlean Beeson School of Education. At Lightfoot, Liz maintains a complex civil litigation practice while also serving as the firm’s Director of Community Relations and Engagement. 

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