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Sam McAllister Quoted in Article on 2024 Legal Technology Predictions for Litigation

January 25, 2024

Sam McAllister, Director of Legal Technology at Lightfoot, Franklin and White LLC, was recently featured in a article covering predictions in legal technology for litigation for 2024. 

Titled “Legal Tech's Predictions for Litigation, the Courts & ADR in 2024,” the article gathers insights from legal technology experts from across the industry, including McAllister’s perspective on the role of AI in the legal field. He cautions against overlooking the unique skills of lawyers in the digital age. “Amid a surge of AI initiatives that will fundamentally change the practice of law, the industry should not overlook the unique talents of lawyers that aren’t transferable from courtroom to code,” McAllister said. “AI systems can’t read the body language of a witness to guide your line of questioning, nor can it hear a juror’s snicker, and whether it’s directed at an opposing expert or you. In the uncharted age of nuclear verdicts, human factors in the courtroom are still king—and skilled litigators that know how to navigate them will always provide the most crucial edge in high-stakes cases.”

In his role, McAllister spearheads the development of innovative and custom technology solutions, from enhancing courtroom strategies to improving client communication throughout each step of a case. His expertise has earned him recognition as a finalist in the 2021 American Legal Technology Awards and as the winner of the "Overall Legal Research Solution of the Year" at the 2022 Legal Tech Breakthrough Awards.

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