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Terry McCarthy Writes Article for Cumberland Law Review

September 23, 2020

Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC partner Terry McCarthy recently wrote an article for the Cumberland Law Review titled “Should an Alabama Plaintiff Be Allowed to Introduce Evidence of the Retail Costs of Medical Care When the Bills Have Been Satisfied by Insurance for a Reduced Amount?

In the piece, he discusses whether an Alabama plaintiff in a personal injury case may introduce evidence of the retail costs of medical care when Medicaid, Medicare or an insurer has already reimbursed the provider at a reduced rate that qualifies as full payment. 

McCarthy (along with Charles Gamble and Robert Goodwin) is coauthor of the Third Edition of Gamble’s Alabama Rules of Evidence and the forthcoming Seventh Edition of McElroy’s Alabama Evidence. He serves on the advisory committee for the Alabama Rules of Evidence and has taught evidence courses at Cumberland School of Law, the University of Alabama School of Law and Birmingham School of Law.

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