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Victory for State Prisoner in Lightfoot's Pro Bono Efforts

Jun 1, 2008   Birmingham, Ala.

As part of the firm's Pro Bono efforts and associate training program, Lightfoot associates Henry Gimenez and Natasha Wilson recently represented a prisoner in a Section 1983 jury trial against six correctional officers represented by attorneys for the State of Alabama. The case was filed by the prisoner in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama alleging that the prisoner was improperly beaten and "hog-tied" by the correctional officers in retaliation for his involvement in a prison altercation earlier that day, thus violating his civil rights. After a day of trial, the State of Alabama offered to settle the case. The case ultimately settled for a confidential monetary amount believed to be the largest settlement ever secured from the State in a Section 1983 prisoner action. In addition to this cash component, the settlement also resulted in the negotiated transfer of the prisoner to another Alabama prison closer to his family.