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If you are looking for a program where you’ll spend six weeks sitting behind a desk writing memos that will never be read, Lightfoot is not for you.

If, instead, you want to see trial lawyers in action, do work that matters, attend depositions and trials, work with Fortune 500 clients, and learn from some of the most experienced and accomplished trial lawyers anywhere, Lightfoot is the place.



A hands-on, real-world program

Lightfoot’s summer clerks are actively involved in our cases — no “busy work” research projects here. We assign our summer clerks projects that challenge and interest them. More importantly, summer clerks are assigned projects that matter to Lightfoot and our clients. Because Lightfoot hires primarily through our summer program, we want our clerks to know what it is like to be a Lightfoot lawyer. (In fact, most of our attorneys started as Lightfoot summer clerks.) The goal of our summer program is to identify students who are capable, comfortable and prepared to take on real work on day one as an associate.

Lightfoot believes in learning by doing. That’s why we immerse our summer clerks in our cases while they are here. Lightfoot summer clerks write motions and briefs, interview witnesses, and assist with deposition and trial preparation. They attend depositions, client meetings, hearings, mediations, arbitrations, jury research projects and trials, so they can learn firsthand what Lightfoot lawyers do every day.

In addition to case work, Lightfoot summer clerks receive focused training from the firm’s experienced partners and associates. In one of our most unique development opportunities, Lightfoot trains on the art of jury persuasion, and then our summer clerks get the opportunity to present their own arguments in a local courtroom. Our summer clerks have enjoyed this experience on their feet and received productive feedback from Lightfoot’s trial lawyers.

Matt Winne, Associate
It's always said that Lightfoot has been, since its founding, a law firm that focuses on giving its young lawyers meaningful chances to contribute to the firm’s success. The summer program was my first taste of what working at Lightfoot would be like: doing the real work that matters alongside a team of great lawyers. Four years into my career, I’m proud of the skills I developed as a summer associate, and still put into practice the lessons I learned along the way.— Matt Winne, Associate

Experience Birmingham as part of the Lightfoot team

Outside of the office, we plan activities to give summer clerks an opportunity to get to know our lawyers and their families, as well as our beautiful city of Birmingham. From Friday afternoon “firm meetings” at a local bar and dinner at award-winning restaurants, to our annual golf tournament, our summer clerks get a taste of the best the Magic City has to offer.

The most popular events each summer are held at our attorneys’ homes. At Lightfoot, family comes first, as our summer clerks will easily see when they spend time here. Our lawyers regularly open their homes to summer clerks for firm-wide cocktail parties, as well as small dinner gatherings.

Spend a summer working, learning and growing at Lightfoot

Interested in joining us for a summer? We are always looking for the best and brightest law students. Lightfoot's summer clerk program lasts six weeks and takes place during the second half of the summer, from approximately late June/early July until late August.

For more information about associate hiring, our summer program and recruiting schedules, contact Blakeley Arnold, Recruiting Manager, at 205-581-0771 or

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